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How do you match your floors with your walls? Choosing the overall colour scheme for a room is a big decision because it will help to define the atmosphere and mood of the space. As a first consideration, think about the size of the space and what you’re going to be using it for.

Kersaint Cobb has eight wood ranges to choose from, varying in sizes, tones and colour. You may decide on a dark wood tone, such as Rustique Café from the Vie Maison collection, which will add character and drama when paired with most colours. Tip: dark colours work well in hallways, studies and en suites/cloakrooms. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a fresher feel, you can match a lighter wood, such as the Simply Oak Collection, with a bright palette to complement an open-plan space. Tip: add dark furniture and accessories to add depth and flare.

PUBLISHED ON 12/04/2018 BY Kersaint Cobb
As seen in The Sunday Times

A March issue of the national newspaper The Sunday Times has included our Fine Boucle in Marble, in a recent hallway feature in the homes supplement. 

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2018 BY Kersaint Cobb

Home décor is taking cues from the fashion and art world; we are embracing black and monochrome is back a la mode. You can create a sophisticated minimalist scheme or introduce bright pops of colour against a dark wall for impact. Monochrome is a style that can be dressed up or down to suit all tastes.

Kersaint Cobb’s Big Boucle collection is available in two colourways, both of which will make a statement. Sisal is extremely hard-wearing for high footfall areas such as dining rooms, hallways and stairs. The carpet also benefits from anti-static and is comfortable underfoot, making it suitable for bedrooms and studies.

PUBLISHED ON 21/03/2018 BY Kersaint Cobb
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